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Woodland walks close to my Norfolk home

When my nose isn't pressed firmly to the grindstone of work, which it tends to be nowadays, I often have a 60 minute to 90 minute daily sabbatical of a dog walk with the most recent addition to the family, a rescue border collie, who is delightful. Working from home is wonderful, but when I

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Are you exploiting the millions of zombies?

I am a zombie. My daughter is, my wife and son less so. We are the living dead. Walking round with fixed stares. Stares set on screens - living life through a lens, vicariously, whatever you want to call it. Not alone though as most of the population seem glued to smartphones and the internet.

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How to get found on Google in Great Yarmouth and Gorleston?

There's riches in niches, clearly, and I'll grab a knife, carve that humble pie and eat a slice now, because, I admit to being wrong. There. Said it. A native of Yorkshire admitting fallibility is unheard of. But I'm wrong. You see, in my aim for SEO dominance with this venture, I went for low

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Are you actively pursuing 5 star Google reviews?

I'm of an age when I remember the thud of Yellow Pages and the BT phonebook landing though letterboxes, the free newspaper (which I carry now from the welcome mat to recycling as it lands) and the days of buying newspapers, which seems so arcane, that I actually pinch and zoom when I stumble upon

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What does responsive website design mean?

Responsive website design is probably a term you've heard of and even perhaps know what it means. I won't keep you hanging - responsive means it fits to screen on mobile, desktop and tablet. I used to naively think that a web designer created a website and hey presto it rendered correctly on all devices.

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Great Yarmouth, a town I live in

Seaside towns have a bad reputation: think Blackpool, Bridlington, Rhyl, Great Yarmouth, Hastings. Seasonal tourism, low paid jobs and a poor transport infrastructure, generally. We moved to Gorleston, a major town, south of Great Yarmouth, 11 years ago and have since moved to Bradwell, a generally modern suburb, and I feel like it's home now.

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Was George right to shoot Lennie?

I realised when the reptilian Gove removed "Of Mice and Men" from the curriculum that my days were numbered in a classroom. I'd taught it for over 20 years and seen the old and newer versions of the dvd repeatedly. I realised too, when I set up this business, that the days of coaching students

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2019 begins as 2018 ended – excellently.

Christmas this year was a bit of a damp squib as 12 year old daughter, Ruby, was forced to admit that she knew Santa was fictitious and she knew last year too. I became suspicious when I saw the letter to Santa had been replaced by a full Amazon basket, which irked as I'm weaning

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The literary heritage of Norwich and Norfolk

I don't claim to be a native of Norfolk at all. We moved here for careers in teaching and a coastal lifestyle 11 years ago and it's a good place to bring up children and live. The roads are antiquated and that warmth you get from conversations in the north is conspicuous by its absence,

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