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Should I use a freelancer or a web design agency Norwich?

There's no easy answer to this. No binary "yes use a freelancer" or "yes use a web design agency Norwich", assuming you're in Norwich and would like someone local to complete a revamp or a completely new website. A web design agency often will have more expertise and specialists within that agency - someone who

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This web design Norwich UK company is climbing

SEO. The 2018 equivalent of a box ad in Yellow Pages and one of the most prized ambitions of companies - featuring on Google Page One for a specific search term and failing that, pole position on page 2. Beyond page 2, it's a lost cause we are told. Getting on page one in private

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Printed business card or a digital one with a new website?

I have business cards wedged in wallets and drawers and occasionally use them, though I do feel ordering 1000 was a tad optimistic, given that they seem to me, at least, to be somewhat archaic. Given that we all carry smartphones in our daily lives, it's much quicker to add someone on Slack, or What's

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Is print as dead as that Python parrot?

I don't jaunt that often - if jaunt can be made into a verb; but when I do it inevitably involves some Alan Partridge excursions into budget hotels which are invariably paid for by companies who've commissioned me.  Premier Inn, Hyde, the home of Britain's biggest serial killer, Dr Shipman, where the residents were all

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I would like more retainers after Christmas

Wouldn’t we all, you may be thinking, with my temerity of asking for more money. The thing is though that self-employment is feast or famine, boom or bust and other clichéd parallels, and you may mutter “cheeky sod” at my front. But bear with me. When I was in employment, I often observed of myself

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Planning for 2019 – always think ahead – bellends need not apply

Whilst you’re sipping your Harvey’s Bristol Cream (oh I do miss that and other alcohol!), your thoughts may turn to 2019 or they may not. I’m always planning ahead, because being freelance and self-employed means you can’t think “Sod it I’ll take January 2019 off and have a much-needed rest.” I’ve got plans underway too

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Social media selling – more than a modern Roy Walker catchphrase

Facets of growing up I remember fondly are my addiction and skill at Taito Space Invaders, the Sunday ritual of watching "Bullseye" and believe it or not, the enjoyment of "Family Fortunes" and "Catchphrase" before the internet existed, as there was little to do, on a council estate near Doncaster. Or anywhere else for that

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Off to Paris at Christmas before Little Brexit Britain shuts down in March

I’ve never ever understood the mentality that Britain is Great. When we hop across to France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain et al, I have never once thought “not as nice as Scunthorpe” or “I prefer Oldham” or “Blackpool tower has better views.” No. That’s why the Brexit vote bewildered me. Okay it was predicated

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