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Five easy first steps to set up a website

The mystery, the mystique, the wonder and awe of watching a domain name become a website used to enthrall me. It still does in fact. Someone buys a domain name for £7.19 and within a week it’s a living, breathing digital presence. I used to think that was beyond me and the average person, but

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Why blogging is good for your business

Before I get accused of vested interests, I’ll come clean, as I’m always an open book, that yes blogging is good for your business and it is for mine too. I get paid reasonably well to do something I enjoy and am reasonably good at: writing. When I used to tell people I met that

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A website is only part of your business journey

That title may sound a bit odd, coming from this Norwich web designer and copywriter, even self-deprecatory to a point of self-defeating but it’s true. A website won’t make you any money. It won’t pay the bills, your mortgage, your car loan and feed you at all. Let me explain, before you assume I’ve lost

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Communicating with web design via What’s App – what a schoolboy error!

When I begin a web design project, I often ask "Do you use What's App" and 97% of the time, the answer is "yes I do." Good I think. That means files, photos and text can be ported quickly between myself and the client with me even having it minimised permanently on the iMac. It

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