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The budget, housing and the ghost of Banquo

So what happened in yesterday's budget for housing, announced by the wan Philip Hammond, a man with less colour in his complexion than Banquo's ghost? Quite a few points actually. 1 Help to Buy Help to Buy was extended for a further 2 years to 2023. It's a scheme that has got many people into

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Landing pages – preaching to the converted

Some times less is more. Brevity in a message can speak louder than a scripted call to action. Same with websites. The problem is though that one page websites - those you land on, scroll through and feel compelled to act upon - can be financially onerous for a start up or small business. But

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What should your website home page include?

If you use Google Analytics for managing your own website, or tracking those you manage, you will recognise this scenario. The Home page records most visits, which you'd expect if it's linked to your business card, your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook bios, closely followed in 90% of cases by the About page. I've tinkered with

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Why you should work for free (sometimes)

I'm a big user of LinkedIn, where I enjoy the company of fellow cynics and often tut, frown or even comment on the sermons that are spouted there. Two in the past week have caught my eye: can you guess or do you not give a damn? I'll tell you anyway. The first is that

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Good grief, this Apple fan boy has moved to Android

Seismic shifts happened last Thursday in my personal and business world, in that a man who's worn iOS blinkers since the iPhone 4's launch in 2010 has moved to the dark side, Android. Let me explain first why this was so chasmic a move. It reads like a long brag, perhaps, or as excessive myopia,

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You can pay monthly for phone contracts so why not your website?

Despite my prices being "affordable" I occasionally get asked if I'd accept a fixed monthly payment for a new or redesigned website, and I've thought about this and decided to trial it. All my Wordpress sites come with free hosting for Year One, with a nominal £30 being levied in Year 2 for the 12

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Radiator in the hall … check … or this property listing?

Fancy a room (or rooms) with a view? We can’t promise EM Forster’s Florence but this 4 bedroomed first floor maisonette in Wimbledon has a very pleasing outlook. The property is tucked amongst similar Victorian and Edwardian bay-windowed housing stock on Trinity Road, on the corner of Faraday Road. The property overlooks South Park and

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Durham or Norfolk? Seasons of mists and mellow flooriness.

Seasons of mists and mellow flooriness. I'll come clean - flooriness is not a word but to get some loose connection with Keats' "To Autumn" I had to bend rules. I used to despise autumn with a passion and there's still aspects of it that irk. Declining light levels, shorter evenings, until the lunar armageddon

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