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What is the most difficult part of web design?

Web design is skilful. It is at times a frustrating process, from initial set up of domain, to pointing nameservers, arranging hosting, to propagation to installing themes and plugins. Naively, I used to think it was about buying a domain, installing WordPress, buying a theme and oof the website is done. If only. It's a

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Aftercare and why it matters with web design

Aftercare- and why it matters with web design. I thought I'd explain how I operate and how some web designers behave, exemplifying what you get after your payment has been credited and your website shines bright like a diamond. On all devices. I back up your website daily within the WordPress dashboard with a nifty

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27 years in a classroom – time well spent.

Time is a great healer, they say and it's true. Time heals and gives perspective and sometimes when I think back over recent events, I get a little bit sad about what happened from 2013 onwards to my teaching career. But there's absolutely no need to be - because my time in teaching from 1987

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