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Can you run a web design business with just an iPad Pro?

I was debating for weeks whether to get a new MacBook Pro or an iPad Pro, because when we were holidaying in the north Pennines, work didn’t stop. It’s not because I didn’t want to turn off from writing, social media and web design, more that I’ve crafted a reputation for getting things done quickly

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Estate agents – revitalise your USPs with this property writer

What marks you out as different as an estate agent? Is it the fact your staff don't drive Minis? Is it because your fee structure is openly displayed on your website? Is it because your social media is engaging and active? Or does your office look lovely to those who walk or drive by? Have

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It’s 2018, not 2008, so sort your website out.

10 years is a massive length of time in technology - remember 2008 was when everyone craved a BlackBerry for BBM and that QWERTY keyboard, before Apple killed it with the iPhone 3GS in 2009. Boris Johnson became Mayor of London and David Davis resigned in 2008 - so some things don't change. The internet

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At last, three new estate agency websites land and a cafe!

I've always been madly fixated with property. I bought my first house at 23 in Oldham and have made money from buying, selling, moving ever since. House prices may be unreachable for so many, but for me, investing £18,000 when on a salary of £8000 pa in 1988, it's been a nice little earner, that

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