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An expanding web design portfolio – to match my waist

I went solo at the beginning of May 2018, having been a partner in a web design company for a year to see if I could continue the success single-handedly. The jury has returned a verdict saying yes you managed it. The web count now stands at thirty in 3 months, which is 10 per

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Which social media channel should I use most to grow a business?

Which social media channel should I use most to grow a business? is a question I've never been asked but for the sake of giving this titular question some clout, I'll pretend I get asked it daily. 4 years ago when I set out with Get Pro Copy, I'd have said unequivocally "Facebook" followed by

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Why web design shouldn’t cost the GDP of a banana republic

I've always got axes to grind, and my latest of many is the absolute racketeering that goes on in the web design industry. And it is racketeering, trust me. There's skills involved yes and they take time to build yes. They can be a nightmare with glitches. Rogue plugins can mess up a site. But,

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Shrek – how to structure your content like Shrek

I've developed something of a resemblance to Shrek in recent years - the waistline has expanded big time, my grumpiness occasionally rears its head and I sometimes end up with clients who are donkeys: stubborn, answering back and reluctant to pay for work done. But, back in the day, I used to show "Shrek" on

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Would you run a car for five years without a service?

Would you run a car for five years without a service? No. And yet SMEs, big businesses and sole traders run websites without getting them updated or serviced. But you shouldn't and here's why. Logging in to the WP Admin section of a website and clicking Dashboard to see 27 updates needed is like lifting

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What comes standard with websites I design?

COPY. All copy is included in the  web design. By all means, give me ideas, but let me whip the words into shape. HOSTING on fast cloud servers. Free in Year 1, £3 per month in year 2. SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION: I can add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest in headers, footers and calls

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Cheap website design for small business

Cheap website design for small business What a dangerous, foolish title - and the temerity of me pushing the word "cheap" to the front too. Cheap is associated with nasty, "cheap and nasty." The commonplace "cheap as chips". Or the slightly more charitable "cheap and cheerful". But there's a problem with this linguistic apartheid where

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