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Web design Norwich – from this fine literary city

Web design Norwich - from this fine literary city. Norwich proudly proclaims itself as a Fine City in its marketing literature and I cannot argue with that at all. It is a fine city - possibly the best city we've lived near ever. It has other claims to fame too (apart from Alan Partridge) as

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How long until I rank for freelance web designer Norwich

We celebrate 10 years in Norfolk soon. July to be precise. It might now be an appropriate time then to get some search engine traction for this new aspect of Get Pro Copy Ltd: since I evolved into a freelance web designer Norwich. Competition is stiff to be honest to be ranked up there, but

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Why I decided to update this website

"Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold." Ok. That's the pretentious opening quotation out of the way and now on to the meat of this post. I decided, as you do, when I was looking at the portfolio of websites I've designed, to give this one a belated makeover. Don't get me wrong. It functioned

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Manchester Tattoo Trust – designed by Get Pro Copy

I used to live in Manchester, well Oldham to be precise, from 1987 to 1996 and having taught English in Shaw, Failsworth and Farnworth for 9 years, I’ve always felt a great affinity for the area. Not so much the weather – but the people. I’d say that Lancashire folk are generally the friendliest people

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The one third – two third rule in marketing

If someone had said to me 10 years ago, write down your expertise on marketing and hand me the notes, it could have fitted on one side of a Post-It. Now I could easily fill three Post-It notes because I’ve learned through setting up a successful business (and failing with several others) that unless I

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