Web design Norwich – from this fine literary city

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Web design Norwich – from this fine literary city.

Norwich proudly proclaims itself as a Fine City in its marketing literature and I cannot argue with that at all. It is a fine city – possibly the best city we’ve lived near ever. It has other claims to fame too (apart from Alan Partridge) as the UNESCO City of Literature.

The UEA runs a renowned Creative Writing course, whose alumni include Ian McEwan, Kazuo Ishiguro and, more recently, John Boyne, whose Holocaust novel “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” was triggered by the author looking out of his window in the Golden Triangle of Norwich (its own Notting Hill, bound by Unthank, Newmarket and Earlham Road) and seeing fences all around.

It’s a city that hasn’t suffered much either in terms of economic downturn – because, I presume, there was never traditional manufacturing industry here to be ravaged by recession. Norwich Union, Aviva as now called, I’m sure has shrunk in employment numbers but it’s not as if shipbuilding, mining, engineering ever dominated Norwich, so, to me at least, it seems to live in a bubble, a bubble of relative prosperity.

I like Norwich as a city immensely.

It’s quite an entrepreneurial place too; where we live in Bradwell, near the gritty town of Great Yarmouth, I constantly see freelance businesses springing up and I’m sure that’s replicated across the whole of Norfolk.

There used to be a time when teachers, like I used to be, were envied for their holidays and seemingly short days, but in the past 10 years, it appears to me that few people actually go out to work and commute in this part of Norfolk.

Working from home, freelance and self-employed, seems to be the norm now and who can blame them?

I’ll state categorically that I won’t go out and traditionally work again, in some office or school, with meetings, rules and bosses. No I won’t. Life’s too short I realised belatedly.

What I’m going to do is write, manage social media, handle digital marketing and become a web designer for Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (and Suffolk). 

There’s no better way to live that being your own boss – and I can help you ditch the commute, office politics and piss poor pay by launching your own business.

Call to action?

You know what to do.

I did it in 2015 and wish I’d done it sooner. 



How long until I rank for freelance web designer Norwich

%name Norwich

We celebrate 10 years in Norfolk soon. July to be precise. It might now be an appropriate time then to get some search engine traction for this new aspect of Get Pro Copy Ltd: since I evolved into a freelance web designer Norwich. Competition is stiff to be honest to be ranked up there, but I always relish a challenge – and though I’m not a native of Norfolk, I think 10 years is a fair old stint and I deserve some SEO recognition.

We moved here for jobs in 2008: teaching jobs and on the understanding that our two children would enjoy the sun and sea – and they have. They have little desire to leave Norfolk although I’ve got itchy feet for a change of scenery.

Norwich though is a marvellous city in a county that is largely good too. Okay its isolation and road network is problematic. But the absence of rain and abundance of blue skies compensates.

So what can I offer as a freelance web designer Norwich, apart from a decade of living here.

I have a knack with words, a good grasp of social media marketing and an understanding of hosting control panels, the WordPress dashboard, CSS, HTML and Javascript that four years ago would have been a dark art.

Some web developers charge a pretty penny to get a domain showing online and to be honest there’s some skill in it. It’s easy when you know how and you understand the idiosyncrasies of domain propagation etc but for most people logging in and seeing this could result in a metaphorical seizure:


That’s the first obstacle to overcome – understanding and not panicking about Custom DNS, MSSQL databases – but working out to go from domain purchase to a simple coming soon page.

I must admit, back in North Lincolnshire in 2008, I had zero understanding of websites. I know more now – and Norfolk can be thanked for that. This place made me learn because I simply had to, when teaching doors closed.

I bought that domain: stuartwalton.co.uk yesterday for the princely sum of £1.20 to run as a test and in the past, I’d have to have grovelled to other web designers to get the domain working, email accounts set up, custom nameservers pointing correctly and installing WordPress and various themes and plugins.

You see, I’m a quick learner – so the new site with that cheap name – was on Coming Soon rapidly.

The real work comes after – getting the layout right, putting the right content in, and using it to test property plugins on – as I intend expanding my repertoire of 11 website builds in May to more complex ones in June and beyond.

I’ve got to link it to social media accounts, feed it with blog posts, link it to Google Analytics and test its speed and functionality and then I can confidently say to a would-be client who asks for a website listing properties for sale or to let, “yes I can do that.”

That’s my pragmatism kicking in. I want to be sure before I commit to a website build that I can do it solo. I’m sure I can – but websites can behave in strange ways and throw up all sorts of problems.

I revamped this website too, single handedly, as I was aware that given my high profile builds of sites like Manchester Tattoo Trust, the increase of website traffic to Get Pro Copy had not resulted in enough conversions of visits to contracts. It needed to look the part and I think it does, now. It’s much slicker, faster to load, more visually attractive, but has lost none of its traction because I’ve kept the Google indexed content intact.

You don’t throw out the baby with the bath water do you?

I do though have a good feeling about the immediate future and longer term. May 2018 saw 11 websites entrusted with me and already there are others earmarked for June. I’m hoping there’s more, because I find the activity of website building from domain purchase to launch incredibly enjoyable. I think I’m good at it too as the hardest part of web design it seems to me is the content – and obviously I’m a decent writer (so others tell me).

So if you’re reading this and thinking “I need a website” or “My current website is poor” drop me an email or call me and I’d be glad to block out another full day, evening and weekend to get me that 5 star feedback and you a website that makes you money.

After all, it does make the world go round, as the song goes.



Why I decided to update this website

“Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold.”


That’s the pretentious opening quotation out of the way and now on to the meat of this post.

I decided, as you do, when I was looking at the portfolio of websites I’ve designed, to give this one a belated makeover. Don’t get me wrong. It functioned well still, scored highly on search engines and was easy to navigate, fast to load, but it had become a little bit 2015.

You know what I mean?

When you get in a car without air-con, or with air-con, but no climate control; or one that has a tape player – still does the business but 3 years is a long time in web design evolution.

Mama didn’t raise a fool so I knew the steps to take – back up and export the current content, disable the old theme and install a new one, and start rebuilding.

It’s taken me longer than I expected, given that all the content was already there and the media library populated with alt-tagged images.

But here it is.

I like it. A lot.

It now has more of me about it – including my new headshot, as well as a link to my YouTube channel which I’m assiduously feeding as vlogging is so 2018. There’s a video on there. The social media links sit neatly on my footer. I’m pleased with it.

I’ve maintained the permalinks and metadescriptions as I wanted it to maintain Google rankings – it’s had 3 years of blog posts and indexing with Google and I’m not about to lose that SEO traction fest.

Now if your website looks a little 2015 or 2005, get in touch with me. I’ll back it up, redesign it, optimise it and make it look fit for this year and beyond.

Contact me today (and I’ve tested the form – it works!).

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