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Swap the mortar board for a hard hat with a housebuilding degree?

I like to see forward thinking from companies and one story that caught my eye over the weekend was the news that Redrow were starting a dedicated degree in housebuilding. Britain, you all know probably, is facing a housing and skills shortage and Theresa May's annual target of 300,000 new homes is unlikely to materialise

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Possible opening chapter to a gluten-filled autobiography?

Please indulge me; this autobiographical tome has been a long time coming. It’s self-centred, as it’s about me, about my life, my family, my career. It may strike you as indulgent and self-obsessed and I apologise, but what it isn’t is a niche piece for diagnosed and undiagnosed coeliacs. Hopefully humour and personality will shine

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How to increase sales with a blogging strategy

Companies have at last latched on to the value of a blogging, or content marketing, strategy. Visit 10 websites at random, go on, of various small businesses and count how many have a news or blog tab. There may not be 10 but there will be a few, I guarantee, because blogging is a great

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I can help your English department with GCSE marking workload

I left teaching three years ago, but education still clings to me like barnacles on a rock and no matter what waves hit me, I still consciously and subconsciously see myself as a teacher of English. It defined me for 27 years so that’s to be expected?

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Goodbye 2017, you were a fine and dandy year

2017 – the year of the Phoenix for me – the year I stopped looking back and started looking forward, and built on successful businesses, as well as developing new ones. Get Pro Copy became a Ltd Company with my wife asking for (and being refused) a shareholder role. That business has served me well

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