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The art of awesome writing in just 300 words

I find writing comes easy to me, not because Shakespeare was a distant relative or I had a marvellous public school education, but because I taught. If you had 5 one hour slots a day, five days a week, with a demanding teenage audience motivating them with a love of English and Literature, you’d grow

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Content marketing strategy – why you should have one

Get Pro Copy reached a milestone yesterday – it turned 2 years old. I knew when I began planning the business that it would succeed, namely because I love writing and I knew that the idea of providing a decent content marketing strategy for others would work. To be honest, I never had any doubts

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Is 2017 better than 1977, 1987, 1997 etc?

You sometimes hear people bemoan bygone days, but I think the past is overrated, don’t you? For the sake of a decent headline and no other particular reason, I’ve skipped back 30 years in 10 year segments which I can handily update after Christmas by adding +1 on. To save you reading to the end,

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Haircut takes 15 minutes for £10 so what should I charge?

I keep my Facebook personal account separate from my public profile and it’s so locked down that when people try to add me, they can’t. It’s not because I’m anti-social, far from it, but I do like to voice on my personal platform views and opinions that may make a bricklayer blush. Not pottymouth stuff,

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Ditch that SEO monkey in the corner

If you’re looking to be found on search engines for certain terms, don’t be too broad, aim to be specific, but make sure it’s being searched for. I’d like to be found on page one of Google or Bing (Crosby?) for Copywriter UK but it’s a bit of a pipe dream. Copywriter UK is too

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The Basics of Social Media Screening for Employers – a guest post

Social media is a modern-day phenomenon, allowing people to keep in touch with friends, family, coworkers, and even Internet strangers they’ve never met in person before, rather than requiring in-person, face-to-face communication. The number of people with at least one social media account in the United States has increased significantly each and every year. For example, not even

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Dear Apple, I’m quickly posting this in case my iPhone dies

Clearly I’m not sending this to Jonny Ives. They have more important things to deal with than a letter from some two bit freelance writer, known as Victor Meldrew in the trade, moaning about Apple, iOS 11 and the battery drain. First world problems indeed. But I will address this to my small band of

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Website copywriting services – without the delays

Website copywriting services – increasingly I find I’m asked if I offer this and the answer is an emphatic yes. You see a website without compelling words and fresh content just hangs in limbo so to speak. To make your online presence standout and get hits, you need copy. Copy for your landing pages, about,

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How not to become a boring sod on LinkedIn

I’m not stupid. I came from a job with more rules and restrictions than North Korea. Education is divorced from the real world, operating in a petty set of rules that only apply to certain people lower down the food chain and not further up, where Teflon suits are worn daily. The hypocrisy and double

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The darling buds of Mrs May are dying?

Remarkable watching the rerun of the speech of our glorious PM, Theresa May, yesterday, but instead of focusing on her coughing fit, that P45, Amber Rudd telling Boris Johnson to stand up or the falling letters, I’d like to steer clear of those four icebergs and touch upon what Mrs May said about housing. Or

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Terminally self-employed with a dog lead in my hand

I’ve watched Sean Penn in “Dead Man Walking”, I’ve seen “The Green Mile” and witnessed first hand the reaction to Tom Robinson’s demise when teaching Harper Lee’s classic. Carlson shooting Candy’s dog though in “Of Mice and Men” made little emotional impact on me, until last weekend. You see, like any major decision: buying a car,

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Why I gave up drinking and what it’s done for me

I posted recently a photo of me one year ago from France when I was a regular consumer of alcohol, a binge drinking machine. Bear in mind that this was August 2016, when I was self-employed and not ravaged by 190 days of teaching. By Christmas, I'd given up on alcohol for good. I'd lost

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The poor estate agent needs that Market Appraisal

I’ve decided, given that my bottled water and posh grain free dog food is paid for largely by estate agent types, to produce a series of articles about them. I’ll start with the rationale behind this. I bought my first home in Oldham in 1988, in an area so rough that even dogs went round

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