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Oh CD – you sound so much better than streams

The Compact Disc is perhaps going the same way as the humble cassette, into musical heaven as a footnote in history, but I believe strongly that the CD should be saved. Why? To my rather large ears, they sound so much better than streamed playlists from Apple Music or Spotify. Okay they’re cumbersome and bulky

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I could clean my own car, but time is money

I’m a firm believer in outsourcing to experts – whether that’s selling my house, getting rid of household items, or something more prosaic like car cleaning. Some people call it the “gig economy”, outsourcing or being time-savvy and all three fit.

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Starting up a business: how to do it in 10 easy steps

I sometimes get asked how do you start a business – I’d be fibbing to you if I pretended it was a weekly or monthly conversation, but amidst the social media and real life convos I have, it occasionally rears its head. I like to explain it how it is, so here goes.

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Stop being a washing machine with your boring blogs

I remember becoming a father 16 years ago for the first time and eagerly listening to ways to get our new-born son to sleep as we felt like we’d been through a proverbial hundred year war. Don’t get me wrong, the pregnancy was easy (for me at least) and the delivery quicker than Amazon Prime,

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Shopping habits have changed – so your business habits have to

Poor old Toys R Us, you might say, going bust. With my usual cynical head on, I could see it coming. M and S will be next, I reckon, with its clothing side going to the wall – there’s only so much beige and grey us old people can tolerate. B and Q too, perhaps.

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Rent time, no mortgage or ownership for you lot, ever

I read today that paying rent is about to overtake home ownership as a percentage share. Bit worrying really. Property has generally been relied upon as. a decent sort of income with the equity you bag from the capital you borrowed from a benevolent bank. But it seems now that the age of buying your

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Repeat after me: “It’s all about the content.”

I'll keep this blog post deliberately short as I have a message that could fit in a tweet. "Google rewards fresh content." There, you have it - in just four words. If you want to be found online and given a virtual fist-bump, or high-five by Google, get writing fresh content. And if you can't

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Proofread all your business materials cos I’m good at it.

A summer of marking and I proofread daily. I spent the early part of summer marking: real GCSEs for two exam boards, mock exams for Multi-Academy Trusts, and a smattering of A level. Good money you see, and I’m quick and skilled at it. If your only experience of a classroom was when you were

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Illy coffee is my new wine, and chain coffee is arse gravy

Illy coffee is my new wine, and chain coffee is arse gravy. Let’s just look at my daily caffeine intake: 6.45 I rise to shine to knock out a feeble boost of Earl Grey, and I ruin it by adding both sugar and milk – not to builder proportions but enough to drown the delicate

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The value of self-education when self-employed

Education for me ran ostensibly from 1969 to 2014, primary school to teaching, and the O levels and A levels, degree, various Inset training had their value, but arguably the last few years of self-education have been the loveliest learning curve. Self-education is indeed the best. Why?

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Dear Estate Agent – are you time-poor?

£18,500, 1987, bought via an estate agent in Shaw. Yes: £18,500. Cost of my first home at the tender age of 22 in Oldham, Greater Manchester in 1987. It was cheap for a reason. My salary as a probationary English teacher was £8,137 or £425 a month which was decent back then, when the house

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