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Freelance writing – I control my business, now.

I can count life-changing events on two hands: marriage, diagnosis with a food allergy, the birth of my two children, going teetotal and throwing off the shackles of education, through freelance writing. They’ve all been seismic and I would not like to rank them in order of magnitude. But as I’m a writer, who engages

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Web design and why Get Pro Copy has expanded.

This business began as a freelance writing service, a one-man band, busking street-side with words. Like all good things though, it’s grown and developed a life of its own. My intention, in November 2015, after I bid a final farewell to education, was to write. Not “War and Peace” but something more prosaic – write

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Welcome to Get Pro Copy Ltd, a freelance web design and copywriting company, led by Stuart Walton.

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