Estate agents and do they offer riches in niches?

Riches in niches.

Nice ring to it – if you’re American.

I’ve tried to get all focused on estate agencies, with some success, but here’s my worry: if Joe Public regards estate agents as lying sharks (their perceptions, I must add), can I trust estate agents as a social media marketer and writer in that niche?

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Is home a state of mind or an actual place?

%name home

When we went back to Staffordshire in late December (oh what a night), it felt, as we drove from Ashbourne, along the A52 to Leek, that we’d arrived at home.

We’d not been there since we relocated north in 2002 and, instead of that general feeling of disappointment one can feel, when you return, we felt delight and elation.

Waterhouses, Cheddleton, Leek felt like a homecoming.

Leek has just been feted as one of the best places to live in Britain and we could see why two months ago.


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Eating gluten in early childhood

I was lucky enough to go through a four tier education phase: first school, juniors, middle and high.

First school saw me walking there daily with my mum – cars were for the privileged few and no one was driven to school as one parent (mainly mums) didn’t work.

Quite quaint really when I compare it to the torturous school runs of today and the impact school holidays have on reducing commuter traffic.

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The loneliness of the long distance writer.

%name loneliness

Despite having enough work to occupy me freelance, I quite fancy leaving the house once or twice a week.

Not just to shop, not just to meet clients, not just to exercise (those demons) at the gym, but to mix, mingle, and be merry amongst a workforce.

You see, like Alan Sillitoe’s Smith, I need, at times, to get out and do something long distance.

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Elephants (and car buyers) never forget.

%name elephants

It’s a strange idiom, isn’t it, elephants never forget?

Are elephants’ memories remarkable or is it just a human assumption based on their size and expected longevity?

Have any elephants ever recounted to a human very early memories of life in India or a zoo?

The elephant in the corner is another one that we use.

But are we as humans any different?

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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson and Dr Jekyll is currently fascinating me as a content marketer – not because I fancy being marooned on a Treasure Island – Great Yarmouth is as remote as one already – but I’m embarking on a learning journey with my son, who in Year 11, is studying that man’s novella.

It’s a weird old fiction too.

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