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Estate agent fees – how to survive and not die.

All about estate agent fees – how to survive and not die, my thoughts. I live in Bradwell, a bungalowed suburb of Great Yarmouth, nice place, but permanently riddled with roadworks and delays along the A143, Beccles Road. A 1.5 mile school run can take 20 minutes to do by car and I’ve tried all

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How to change from teaching to selling easily

When I first went into estate agency, I thought I had no eye for sales, as it wasn’t something I’d done all my career. After estate agency, setting up Get Pro Copy, I still had the same doubts. How could I convince people to pay for my services with writing or social media, when I’d

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Tell me why I don’t like Mondays

I do actually like them. Mondays that is. Nowadays. Becoming self-employed makes you oblivious to the usual conventions of working – the commute, those odious bosses, those colleagues who insist on socialising with you, when you have a veneer of contempt for them daily, that pathetic salary making someone else rich.

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The art of awesome writing in just 300 words

I find writing comes easy to me, not because Shakespeare was a distant relative or I had a marvellous public school education, but because I taught. If you had 5 one hour slots a day, five days a week, with a demanding teenage audience motivating them with a love of English and Literature, you’d grow

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Content marketing strategy – why you should have one

Get Pro Copy reached a milestone yesterday – it turned 2 years old. I knew when I began planning the business that it would succeed, namely because I love writing and I knew that the idea of providing a decent content marketing strategy for others would work. To be honest, I never had any doubts

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Is 2017 better than 1977, 1987, 1997 etc?

You sometimes hear people bemoan bygone days, but I think the past is overrated, don’t you? For the sake of a decent headline and no other particular reason, I’ve skipped back 30 years in 10 year segments which I can handily update after Christmas by adding +1 on. To save you reading to the end,

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Haircut takes 15 minutes for £10 so what should I charge?

I keep my Facebook personal account separate from my public profile and it’s so locked down that when people try to add me, they can’t. It’s not because I’m anti-social, far from it, but I do like to voice on my personal platform views and opinions that may make a bricklayer blush. Not pottymouth stuff,

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Ditch that SEO monkey in the corner

If you’re looking to be found on search engines for certain terms, don’t be too broad, aim to be specific, but make sure it’s being searched for. I’d like to be found on page one of Google or Bing (Crosby?) for Copywriter UK but it’s a bit of a pipe dream. Copywriter UK is too

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The Basics of Social Media Screening for Employers – a guest post

Social media is a modern-day phenomenon, allowing people to keep in touch with friends, family, coworkers, and even Internet strangers they’ve never met in person before, rather than requiring in-person, face-to-face communication. The number of people with at least one social media account in the United States has increased significantly each and every year. For example, not even

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Dear Apple, I’m quickly posting this in case my iPhone dies

Clearly I’m not sending this to Jonny Ives. They have more important things to deal with than a letter from some two bit freelance writer, known as Victor Meldrew in the trade, moaning about Apple, iOS 11 and the battery drain. First world problems indeed. But I will address this to my small band of

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Website copywriting services – without the delays

Website copywriting services – increasingly I find I’m asked if I offer this and the answer is an emphatic yes. You see a website without compelling words and fresh content just hangs in limbo so to speak. To make your online presence standout and get hits, you need copy. Copy for your landing pages, about,

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How not to become a boring sod on LinkedIn

I’m not stupid. I came from a job with more rules and restrictions than North Korea. Education is divorced from the real world, operating in a petty set of rules that only apply to certain people lower down the food chain and not further up, where Teflon suits are worn daily. The hypocrisy and double

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The darling buds of Mrs May are dying?

Remarkable watching the rerun of the speech of our glorious PM, Theresa May, yesterday, but instead of focusing on her coughing fit, that P45, Amber Rudd telling Boris Johnson to stand up or the falling letters, I’d like to steer clear of those four icebergs and touch upon what Mrs May said about housing. Or

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Terminally self-employed with a dog lead in my hand

I’ve watched Sean Penn in “Dead Man Walking”, I’ve seen “The Green Mile” and witnessed first hand the reaction to Tom Robinson’s demise when teaching Harper Lee’s classic. Carlson shooting Candy’s dog though in “Of Mice and Men” made little emotional impact on me, until last weekend. You see, like any major decision: buying a car,

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Why I gave up drinking and what it’s done for me

I posted recently a photo of me one year ago from France when I was a regular consumer of alcohol, a binge drinking machine. Bear in mind that this was August 2016, when I was self-employed and not ravaged by 190 days of teaching. By Christmas, I'd given up on alcohol for good. I'd lost

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The poor estate agent needs that Market Appraisal

I’ve decided, given that my bottled water and posh grain free dog food is paid for largely by estate agent types, to produce a series of articles about them. I’ll start with the rationale behind this. I bought my first home in Oldham in 1988, in an area so rough that even dogs went round

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Oh CD – you sound so much better than streams

The Compact Disc is perhaps going the same way as the humble cassette, into musical heaven as a footnote in history, but I believe strongly that the CD should be saved. Why? To my rather large ears, they sound so much better than streamed playlists from Apple Music or Spotify. Okay they’re cumbersome and bulky

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I could clean my own car, but time is money

I’m a firm believer in outsourcing to experts – whether that’s selling my house, getting rid of household items, or something more prosaic like car cleaning. Some people call it the “gig economy”, outsourcing or being time-savvy and all three fit.

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Starting up a business: how to do it in 10 easy steps

I sometimes get asked how do you start a business – I’d be fibbing to you if I pretended it was a weekly or monthly conversation, but amidst the social media and real life convos I have, it occasionally rears its head. I like to explain it how it is, so here goes.

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Stop being a washing machine with your boring blogs

I remember becoming a father 16 years ago for the first time and eagerly listening to ways to get our new-born son to sleep as we felt like we’d been through a proverbial hundred year war. Don’t get me wrong, the pregnancy was easy (for me at least) and the delivery quicker than Amazon Prime,

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Shopping habits have changed – so your business habits have to

Poor old Toys R Us, you might say, going bust. With my usual cynical head on, I could see it coming. M and S will be next, I reckon, with its clothing side going to the wall – there’s only so much beige and grey us old people can tolerate. B and Q too, perhaps.

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Rent time, no mortgage or ownership for you lot, ever

I read today that paying rent is about to overtake home ownership as a percentage share. Bit worrying really. Property has generally been relied upon as. a decent sort of income with the equity you bag from the capital you borrowed from a benevolent bank. But it seems now that the age of buying your

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Repeat after me: “It’s all about the content.”

I'll keep this blog post deliberately short as I have a message that could fit in a tweet. "Google rewards fresh content." There, you have it - in just four words. If you want to be found online and given a virtual fist-bump, or high-five by Google, get writing fresh content. And if you can't

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Proofread all your business materials cos I’m good at it.

A summer of marking and I proofread daily. I spent the early part of summer marking: real GCSEs for two exam boards, mock exams for Multi-Academy Trusts, and a smattering of A level. Good money you see, and I’m quick and skilled at it. If your only experience of a classroom was when you were

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Illy coffee is my new wine, and chain coffee is arse gravy

Illy coffee is my new wine, and chain coffee is arse gravy. Let’s just look at my daily caffeine intake: 6.45 I rise to shine to knock out a feeble boost of Earl Grey, and I ruin it by adding both sugar and milk – not to builder proportions but enough to drown the delicate

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The value of self-education when self-employed

Education for me ran ostensibly from 1969 to 2014, primary school to teaching, and the O levels and A levels, degree, various Inset training had their value, but arguably the last few years of self-education have been the loveliest learning curve. Self-education is indeed the best. Why?

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Dear Estate Agent – are you time-poor?

£18,500, 1987, bought via an estate agent in Shaw. Yes: £18,500. Cost of my first home at the tender age of 22 in Oldham, Greater Manchester in 1987. It was cheap for a reason. My salary as a probationary English teacher was £8,137 or £425 a month which was decent back then, when the house

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Have Friday or Sunday seven days a week

I’m no fan of Morrissey to be honest, even though “This Charming Man” is a key song of my university soundtrack from the early 80s, but he is on to something with his “Every day is like Sunday” tune. I prefer an analogy to Friday to be honest. That’s what self-employment is like. Sunday (or

Property content marketing – all I ever do and I love it.

Do you remember when Kevin Keegan (fellow Doncaster lad) went on a meltdown when Sir Alex Ferguson started playing his famous mind games? King Kev, as Newcastle boss, in the days before Mike Ashley owned the club, repeatedly spouted “I’d love it …” and was mocked and admired in equal measure. Well, I’ve been spouting,

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The biggest Labour swing since 1945 – no politics, just marketing

I often blur the distinction between professional neutrality and political affiliation – to the disgust and delight of friends and foes, but instead of talking Canterbury, Ipswich, Kensington and the Labour swing, let’s look at the General Election marketing. The Maybot went all out for PPC banners – interesting to hear yesterday on Radio 4

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Freelance writing – I control my business, now.

I can count life-changing events on two hands: marriage, diagnosis with a food allergy, the birth of my two children, going teetotal and throwing off the shackles of education, through freelance writing. They’ve all been seismic and I would not like to rank them in order of magnitude. But as I’m a writer, who engages

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Web design and why Get Pro Copy has expanded.

This business began as a freelance writing service, a one-man band, busking street-side with words. Like all good things though, it’s grown and developed a life of its own. My intention, in November 2015, after I bid a final farewell to education, was to write. Not “War and Peace” but something more prosaic – write

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Norfolk copywriter misses home and search volumes.

You’d think  after 16 months of deliberately ignoring Google searches for Norfolk copywriter, I’d be nowhere on that search engine. But despite my best efforts to ignore the search, I’m blithely sat today on the middle of page 2. I’ve blogged before about search volumes for London copywriter and Manchester copywriter, but never Norfolk copywriter.

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Literacy and how I can help businesses with it.

The reason I exist, Get Pro Copy exists, is because I am a literacy expert. I’ve got a knack with words, a fair few teaching and learning techniques from my classroom years, and a desire to help others with literacy. It was teaching English what did it.

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Estate agents and do they offer riches in niches?

Riches in niches. Nice ring to it – if you’re American. I’ve tried to get all focused on estate agencies, with some success, but here’s my worry: if Joe Public regards estate agents as lying sharks (their perceptions, I must add), can I trust estate agents as a social media marketer and writer in that

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Is home a state of mind or an actual place?

When we went back to Staffordshire in late December (oh what a night), it felt, as we drove from Ashbourne, along the A52 to Leek, that we’d arrived at home. We’d not been there since we relocated north in 2002 and, instead of that general feeling of disappointment one can feel, when you return, we

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Eating gluten in early childhood

I was lucky enough to go through a four tier education phase: first school, juniors, middle and high. First school saw me walking there daily with my mum – cars were for the privileged few and no one was driven to school as one parent (mainly mums) didn’t work. Quite quaint really when I compare

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The loneliness of the long distance writer.

Despite having enough work to occupy me freelance, I quite fancy leaving the house once or twice a week. Not just to shop, not just to meet clients, not just to exercise (those demons) at the gym, but to mix, mingle, and be merry amongst a workforce. You see, like Alan Sillitoe’s Smith, I need,

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Instagram is the best social media platform out there.

I’ve had an Instagram post going round my head for weeks now on the positive aspects of that platform, and I keep meaning to  write, edit and publish it, but get sidetracked Homer Simpson style by some gym, coffee or food activity, but now I deliver. 

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Elephants (and car buyers) never forget.

It’s a strange idiom, isn’t it, elephants never forget? Are elephants’ memories remarkable or is it just a human assumption based on their size and expected longevity? Have any elephants ever recounted to a human very early memories of life in India or a zoo? The elephant in the corner is another one that we

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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson and Dr Jekyll is currently fascinating me as a content marketer – not because I fancy being marooned on a Treasure Island – Great Yarmouth is as remote as one already – but I’m embarking on a learning journey with my son, who in Year 11, is studying that man’s novella. It’s

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Why you should use a copywriting expert in life.

It’s Monday. Weekend over. Spare a thought for the estate agent today. That estate agent staring at screens, enthusiasm dimmed by the peaks and troughs of the industry, the vagaries of a malevolent office boss, working like a cockroach, not a unicorn, to find property listings, good at many things, excellent at others and rubbish

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Worry about Twitter marketing no more. I will make you grow.

Worry about Twitter marketing no more. I will make you grow. If I had a pound or dollar or euro for every time someone has said to me I don’t get Twitter, I’d be a millionaire or more realistically have £25. Lots of shrewd social media savvy people just don’t get Twitter. Neither did I

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