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“Stuart is a true genius with words. He has helped me on a few occasions providing web copy which is always fantastic I can never get my head around just how easy he finds it to write in such an interesting and concise way. He is always there to offer any support and it’s never too much trouble. Stuart is a hardworking person who wants to do a good job, hence why am starting up a new venture with him.”

Paul Charnock

“Stuart is a pleasure to work with on projects. His attention to detail is fantastic and has worked wonders with our social media over all our businesses. I would highly recommend him to others.”

Stephen Thorpe, Hogan’s Estate Agents, Leeds

“Inspiring writing from someone that wears their heart on their sleeve. No manipulation, no false promises. Just honest, effective copy and advice. I have watched Stuart flourish in a very competitive field, through dedication to his craft.

“The secret to success is to find something you love to do so much, you can’t wait for the sun to rise and to do it all over again” – Chris Gardner: “The Pursuit of Happiness”
Chris Arnold, Agency Negotiation

“In modern day the use of social media platforms is essential in promoting a business brand. I personally have only ever used social media for personal uses and had no idea how to implement social media into our business model. Stuarts help and advice in this matter has been extremely professional and we look forward to working with Stuart into the future.”

Lee Cousins

“Stuart has recently completed a number of industry specific articles for us and he is extremely proficient, cost effective and knowledgeable about his subjects. Highly recommended.”

Simon Francis

“Stuart is a passionate and dedicated estate agent and I have no hesitation in recommending him. He goes out of his way to help others and truly cares about doing the best job possible, a great chap and the person to look up when you’re seeking to buy or sell property in the Great Yarmouth / Gorleston area, as his knowledge will prove of immense value.”

Martin Cunningham, Auction House UK

“Stuart is one of those rare breed of estate agents. He listens and he cares. It is a simple as that. No fluff, no bull .. just a guy who helps people move home.”

Christopher Watkin

“Honest, professional and efficient, Stuart regularly goes ‘above and beyond’ in his service, care and attention to detail. He also boasts a superb knowledge of his local property market. Thoroughly recommended.”

Jim Adams

“Contacted Stuart about writing some website copy and within hours had an excellent piece which relayed exactly the message we wanted to deliver and with the perfect GGS ‘voice’. Very pleased. Will definitely be using Stuart again.”

Chris Ball, GGS

“A great guy who is passionate about what he does. Stuart’s writing is witty, entertaining and engaging… and his rants about education are a personal favourite of mine!”

Matthew Clarke Photography

“Stuart advised me about the online marketing of my flooring business, creating a Facebook page from scratch. He has cleverly worked out Page Reach by creating engaging posts about my company and the wider industry. I would recommend Stuart and Get Pro Copy for promoting your business. He is an expert with words and social media.”

Gary Jackson, Brabbey Flooring

“Affordable, creative and compelling. I gave Stuart very little information to produce a blog for my website and the piece of writing I received back was excellent; factual and interesting. It is apparent that Stuart holds a real passion for this as you can sense the sheer interest that has gone into his work, I can’t recommend this service enough.”

Tim Mooring, Road Traffic Solutions

“A wonderful writer and a smashing bloke. He really cares for his clients and his work totally exceeded my expectations; if you’re after some professional copy for your website or print materials, Stuart is your man. Highly recommended.”

Steve Grogan Photography

“We recently entered a competition on social media whereby we had to get the most likes to win. We approached Stuart for advice on how to reach the most people whilst complying with the competition rules. Stuart’s advice, support and enthusiasm was invaluable and ultimately helped us win a prize worth over £1000. We have known Stuart for years and can attest to his reliability, honesty and passion for his work.”

Mary Mullan