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The darling buds of Mrs May are dying?

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Remarkable watching the rerun of the speech of our glorious PM, Theresa May, yesterday, but instead of focusing on her coughing fit, that P45, Amber Rudd telling Boris Johnson to stand up or the falling letters, I’d like to steer clear of those four icebergs and touch upon what Mrs May said about housing.

Or rather didn’t say.

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Terminally self-employed with a dog lead in my hand

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I’ve watched Sean Penn in “Dead Man Walking”, I’ve seen “The Green Mile” and witnessed first hand the reaction to Tom Robinson’s demise when teaching Harper Lee’s classic. Carlson shooting Candy’s dog though in “Of Mice and Men” made little emotional impact on me, until last weekend.

You see, like any major decision: buying a car, choosing a holiday, selling and purchasing a home, last weekend I ended months of googling and adopted a dog.

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The poor estate agent needs that Market Appraisal

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I’ve decided, given that my bottled water and posh grain free dog food is paid for largely by estate agent types, to produce a series of articles about them.

I’ll start with the rationale behind this.

I bought my first home in Oldham in 1988, in an area so rough that even dogs went round in twos, and have gradually self-gentrified with the heights being hit in a beautiful Edwardian villa in Norfolk, though now currently in a eponymous new build, straddling a new road, meant to ease congestion, which is defeated by building 1000 new homes along its narrow girth.

Property has always intrigued me – so much so that in 2014 when I was given the chance to go self-employed as a Sales Associate in a local estate agency, I grabbed it with both hands; then forming a partnership in Farrell Walton, before portal costs crushed us.

Enough of the stories though – let’s go to Part One: what is an estate agent?

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Oh CD – you sound so much better than streams

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The Compact Disc is perhaps going the same way as the humble cassette, into musical heaven as a footnote in history, but I believe strongly that the CD should be saved.


To my rather large ears, they sound so much better than streamed playlists from Apple Music or Spotify.

Okay they’re cumbersome and bulky and devour a lot of drawer space and glovebox volume in cars, but aurally, they are superior.

Don’t you agree?

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Shopping habits have changed – so your business habits have to

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Poor old Toys R Us, you might say, going bust.

With my usual cynical head on, I could see it coming. M and S will be next, I reckon, with its clothing side going to the wall – there’s only so much beige and grey us old people can tolerate.

B and Q too, perhaps.

Asda is feeling the strain, as is Morrison’s, I believe.

I think I know why – not as some fancy dan business analyst with 8 letters and LION after my name – but as a consumer and keen observer.

Here’s why.

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